Our Story

It’s no accident that our restaurants proudly carry our family name.  

Family is what we’re about.  Ours, those of our employees and food providers, and the families that we feed.  This has been one of the secrets to our success.  

We prepare food for our customers in the same way that we do for our family and friends – by choosing only the finest ingredients, and crafting those ingredients into the amazing food you experience every time you visit a Caruso’s.

The easy way isn’t our way.

We start the day by mixing and hand rolling all of our bread and pizza dough, from scratch, daily.  We roast our pizza toppings in our brick fired ovens, because it’s the only way to ensure the freshness of the products we all love.  Our soup is made in house as well as our seasoned croutons and signature salad dressings “Daily fresh”!   At Caruso’s, we believe that it’s a special occasion every time you sit down to eat with your family and friends.

We listen when you talk, and take all of your comments to heart before making any changes to our menu.  New ideas have to be approved by our own families and friends first – because, in a family business like ours, everyone is a part of the test kitchen.  If something isn’t good enough for them, it isn’t good enough for you.

We are all about fast, friendly service so you get back to your business right away, but, if you have time to sit and relax, we offer a warm and inviting atmosphere.  We also feature business and event catering, for those special days in your life, the ones that involve your colleagues or family and loved ones.  

Caruso’s, where you’re family.


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